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10.27.17 Craig & John had action all morning long. A mix of beads and egg sacs did a lot of damage today.

10.26.17  Dennis had a great day yesterday getting into some nice steelie’s on the fly rod!

10.25.17 It was Mike’s last day on the river in and he made it count!

10.23.17 Took some time off for hunting but back on the river now and the great fishing continues!

10.20.17 Rob and his son put on an epic display of steelhead fishing today.
21 fish in the hoop I don’t even know how many we lost. Today was as good as it gets folks!!!!

10.19.17 Rob and little Cesar got into some nice trout during our hot mid morning bite today!

10.18.17 Nice Weather and great fishing.Captured a bunch yesterday!

10.17.17  A slower day today but we managed to put this beauty in the net.

10.16.17  We had a good movement of steelhead yesterday with still a few fresh kings accompanying them.

10.15.17  We had a bunch of opportunities yesterday on a mix of salmon and trout but most eluded the hoop.

10.13.17  We had a mix bag the last 2 days of steelies, kings and some very fresh Coho's.

10.10.17 Yesterday heavy rain brought the river up and added some color. A good number of kings and noticeably more steelhead made their way through the DSR and up into town this morning. Looks like it's time to shift gears into my favorite time of year!

10.9.17-River season is off an running, and we've been busy! Below are our reports for the beginning of the 2017 river season:

The past two days we saw some spectacular fishing. With mostly king salmon moving through but there are more steelhead showing up daily. We have some good dates available The last two weeks of October through November so give us a buzz to get in on what looks to be a great fall steelhead season!
We had a nice mix of kings, cohos & also a few steelhead decided to make an appearance this morning.
We had a nice mix of kings, cohos & also a few steelhead decided to make an appearance this morning.
The sharks chowed down pretty good today for Greg!
Gary and his son Adam had 2 fantastic days of fishing. We mixed it up with some fly fishing and plugging,....... they had a blast!

Another great day with a good presence of salmon throughout the run. The plugs were getting smashed this morning!

A great day today with a steady movement of fish throughout the run.

First trip on the river and it was a hot one, not just the weather but also the fishing. Dennis had a blast today plugging some warm water kings!


8.16.17-No trip today so me, Buster, Dave, Ari & Ryan went fishing. Non stop action for 6 hours, just incredible!


We have openings in August and September, give us a call and we'll put you on some great fishing!

8.13.17-Done in a hurry this morning with 6 big sharks and many more released!

8.8.17-Fishing on the lake has been unreal the past month. We have been fishing anywhere from 130 feet of water out to 650 to water. No shortage on king salmon this year. Give us a call or message we still have some good dates available.

5.25.17-Brown trout fishing couldn't get any better right now and some king salmon are starting to show up a little deeper. What a fantastic lake season so far and from the looks of it it's only going to get better! We have some openings this memorial day weekend so give us a shout and don't miss out!

5.6.17-Well folks we are having a great start to our 2017 lake season. The inshore bite for brown trout has been very good and it's only a matter of time before our spring kings start showing up a little deeper offshore and we will be there! Give us a call, email or message us on facebook for more information on booking a charter and get in on all the beauty that Lake Ontario has to offer.

3.6.17-Well folks the big boat will be splashing down in about a month and we can't wait to get back on beautiful lady O. Give us a call to get in on some fantastic inshore spring brown trout fishing !!!!

12.13.16-The last month we had some great days on the water and also some very tough outings as well. We captured some large steelhead and a lot of healthy juveniles mixed in which if all goes well will point to a good steelhead return next season. We encountered many different water levels and our clients fished hard so far this year and most days they were rewarded with some nice fish. I'll be back on the river after the holidays and we will see what Old Man Winter has in store for us..... keep ya posted.

11.9.16-Well we wrapped up a good but a little late salmon season this year and now to begin fishing for steelhead. The normally good pushes of steelies following the last big run of salmon did not happen. Fishing was slow to fair the past few weeks has been improving the last few days. Looking forward to a good last 2 weeks of November & December. We have open dates available, give us a call or email and we will do our absolute best to hook you into these beautiful, hard fighting fish!

10.18.16-Amazing salmon fishing the past 2 weeks folks and now the steelhead are starting to show up. No big numbers of steelies in the system yet but we are seeing more each day. Here are a few pictures from our past trips.

10.6.16-The fishing is starting to get good the last few days. The lower river is seeing the most action with a mix of kings and cohos with no real presence of trout yet in the system. The river is still at 185 cfs. We are expecting some rain Saturday, let's hope it's a lot.

9.27.16-The past few days there are more and more fish entering the salmon river, no big runs yet but a steady movement with the occasional small pod blasting through. Which makes the fishing decent to great at times.

9.26.16-Well lake season is just about over for us and we are starting to move into the river. It was the busiest season we have ever had and I would like to apologize for the lack of reports. This river season I will try to update our Facebook page daily with reports and keep our friends informed with whats going on. Also, I would like to thank everyone that was out with us this year on the lake and I look forward to seeing you all again next year! This year was a much better season than last year with more and bigger fish, hopefully the trend continues into this river season and beyond.

7.26.16-The kings have arrived!!!
Over the past 2 weeks the fishing has been great with salmon already being taken over the 30 lb. mark! Cut bait and spoons have been producing well but soon attractors & flies will steal the show! 140 to 200 fow is where they have been roaming. Deep riggers down 100 to 140 feet mag dipseys out to 300 and 450-600 coppers is where it at right now folks. Go gettum!!!

7.13.16-Salmon fishing has still been hit or miss but the big brown trout are cooperating nicely.  Stingray size spoons with black and silver patterns working early then we are switching to brighter spoons as the sun gets higher, yellow is proving to be a good mid to late morning color.Salmon have been scattered from 90 to 300 feet of water with no one lure out producing the other at this time. Spoons, flys and cut bait are all taking some fish.

7.4.16-The last 2 weeks the lake has produced some nice catches of kings and a lot of steelhead. We will be busy the next 2 months and let's hope the fish continue to cooperate. The thermocline is starting to set up but still a bit unstable due to recent winds. Cut bait, spoons and flasher fly patterns are all taking fish. Bigger kings are coming off of long coppers, deep riggers and mag dipseys. Steelhead and smaller kings are a bit higher in the water column and spoons are doing the damage on them. Stay tuned and check out our Facebook page for up to the minute reports. Good fishing everyone!

6.9.16-Well folks if you are looking to book a fishing charter for king salmon from mid July thru September on beautiful Lake Ontario now is the time. We have a limited amount of days available so give us a call or email asap and we will do our best to hook you up with a trip of a lifetime!

5.21.16-Fishing continues to be good for brown trout along the shorelines out to 30 fow. We had some good salmon fishing starting to set up last week then two solid days of heavy winds and big waves scattered the kings once again but it won't be long until their back!