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8.16.17-No trip today so me, Buster, Dave, Ari & Ryan went fishing. Non stop action for 6 hours, just incredible!


We have openings in August and September, give us a call and we'll put you on some great fishing!

8.13.17-Done in a hurry this morning with 6 big sharks and many more released!

8.8.17-Fishing on the lake has been unreal the past month. We have been fishing anywhere from 130 feet of water out to 650 to water. No shortage on king salmon this year. Give us a call or message we still have some good dates available.

5.25.17-Brown trout fishing couldn't get any better right now and some king salmon are starting to show up a little deeper. What a fantastic lake season so far and from the looks of it it's only going to get better! We have some openings this memorial day weekend so give us a shout and don't miss out!

5.6.17-Well folks we are having a great start to our 2017 lake season. The inshore bite for brown trout has been very good and it's only a matter of time before our spring kings start showing up a little deeper offshore and we will be there! Give us a call, email or message us on facebook for more information on booking a charter and get in on all the beauty that Lake Ontario has to offer.

3.6.17-Well folks the big boat will be splashing down in about a month and we can't wait to get back on beautiful lady O. Give us a call to get in on some fantastic inshore spring brown trout fishing !!!!

12.13.16-The last month we had some great days on the water and also some very tough outings as well. We captured some large steelhead and a lot of healthy juveniles mixed in which if all goes well will point to a good steelhead return next season. We encountered many different water levels and our clients fished hard so far this year and most days they were rewarded with some nice fish. I'll be back on the river after the holidays and we will see what Old Man Winter has in store for us..... keep ya posted.

11.9.16-Well we wrapped up a good but a little late salmon season this year and now to begin fishing for steelhead. The normally good pushes of steelies following the last big run of salmon did not happen. Fishing was slow to fair the past few weeks has been improving the last few days. Looking forward to a good last 2 weeks of November & December. We have open dates available, give us a call or email and we will do our absolute best to hook you into these beautiful, hard fighting fish!

10.18.16-Amazing salmon fishing the past 2 weeks folks and now the steelhead are starting to show up. No big numbers of steelies in the system yet but we are seeing more each day. Here are a few pictures from our past trips.

10.6.16-The fishing is starting to get good the last few days. The lower river is seeing the most action with a mix of kings and cohos with no real presence of trout yet in the system. The river is still at 185 cfs. We are expecting some rain Saturday, let's hope it's a lot.

9.27.16-The past few days there are more and more fish entering the salmon river, no big runs yet but a steady movement with the occasional small pod blasting through. Which makes the fishing decent to great at times.

9.26.16-Well lake season is just about over for us and we are starting to move into the river. It was the busiest season we have ever had and I would like to apologize for the lack of reports. This river season I will try to update our Facebook page daily with reports and keep our friends informed with whats going on. Also, I would like to thank everyone that was out with us this year on the lake and I look forward to seeing you all again next year! This year was a much better season than last year with more and bigger fish, hopefully the trend continues into this river season and beyond.

7.26.16-The kings have arrived!!!
Over the past 2 weeks the fishing has been great with salmon already being taken over the 30 lb. mark! Cut bait and spoons have been producing well but soon attractors & flies will steal the show! 140 to 200 fow is where they have been roaming. Deep riggers down 100 to 140 feet mag dipseys out to 300 and 450-600 coppers is where it at right now folks. Go gettum!!!

7.13.16-Salmon fishing has still been hit or miss but the big brown trout are cooperating nicely.  Stingray size spoons with black and silver patterns working early then we are switching to brighter spoons as the sun gets higher, yellow is proving to be a good mid to late morning color.Salmon have been scattered from 90 to 300 feet of water with no one lure out producing the other at this time. Spoons, flys and cut bait are all taking some fish.

7.4.16-The last 2 weeks the lake has produced some nice catches of kings and a lot of steelhead. We will be busy the next 2 months and let's hope the fish continue to cooperate. The thermocline is starting to set up but still a bit unstable due to recent winds. Cut bait, spoons and flasher fly patterns are all taking fish. Bigger kings are coming off of long coppers, deep riggers and mag dipseys. Steelhead and smaller kings are a bit higher in the water column and spoons are doing the damage on them. Stay tuned and check out our Facebook page for up to the minute reports. Good fishing everyone!

6.9.16-Well folks if you are looking to book a fishing charter for king salmon from mid July thru September on beautiful Lake Ontario now is the time. We have a limited amount of days available so give us a call or email asap and we will do our best to hook you up with a trip of a lifetime!

5.21.16-Fishing continues to be good for brown trout along the shorelines out to 30 fow. We had some good salmon fishing starting to set up last week then two solid days of heavy winds and big waves scattered the kings once again but it won't be long until their back!
Here are a few pictures.

5.1.16-Jeff and his group fished today in some ugly weather but made the best of it and caught some nice brown trout and lost some others. 14 to 20 feet of water was good today and all fish came on spoons on mini divers and short cores.

4.29.16 & 4.30.16-Cathy Thomas and her crew from Pennsylvania had a great 2 days on the lake capturing brown trout and lakers. 11 to 15 feet for the browns and 105 - 110 for the lake trout.

4.28.16-Dave and John had a fantastic morning on the lake today. The boys put a dozen browns in the boat by 7:00 and we lost count after that. 12 to 15 fow was good for us with only a few on stick baits and most on spoons off riggers and short cores.

4.24.16-Amon and his group were on board today and what a day it was.  The start was a little slow but after we made a move things heated up quickly. A little deeper bite today out to 20 feet of water with most fish coming on Michigan stinger and finger lakes tackle spoons run off of short cores and riggers.

4.22.16 & 4.23.16-Rob and his group came up to fish 2 with us did not leave disappointed.  Day one we started in tight for browns and after a few hours we had 6 in the box and missed a few others. The bite slowed so we decided to head out to laker land and it was the right move with many lake trout hitting the deck that morning. On the morning of the 2 we saw strong north winds and heavy seas so we decided to wait it out. The lake calmed down a bit and we headed out around 2 o'clock. It was a afternoon brown trout massacre! Close to 20 bites with 11 fish making it to the hoop.

4.18.16-Well folks the big boat is in the water and we started our trips this past weekend. The brown trout have been scattered from 8 to 25 feet of water. Mostly a spoon bite for us with only a few coming on stick baits. Give us a call and book your charter today and get in on the action. Here are a few pictures.

2.8.16-The last week of January and first week of February has been a winter steelhead fishermans dream. Decent weather and great fishing for us and our clients. A good amount of big, healthy, fresh steelies have been entering the river over the past 2 weeks. White, blue and chartreuse egg sacs have been doing all the damage! Here are some pics for you all.

12.27.15-Well the first few weeks of December started off well in the Douglaston Salmon Run. We are still seeing large steelies and now some smaller ones as well are joining in the mix. The weather has still been unseasonably warm which makes for some nice days on the water. Fishing by no means is on fire but a definite improvement from the month of November. Here are A few pics from the last couple weeks.

11.30.15-This past November at the Douglaston Salmon Run was one of the toughest that I could remember. The numbers of fish were on the low side but my clients did a great job and worked very hard to catch the amount of steelhead that they did. This season so far has consisted of fishing hard and covering a lot of water. We will see what December brings. Here are some pics from this month.

10.28.15-The fishing over the past 2 weeks at the Douglaston Salmon Run has been great with bigger steelhead than in years past, including a 20.4 lb. beast caught by none other then Ken Cestone!
Egg sacs and beads under floats are working awesome. Here are a few pics from our past trips.

10.14.15-Well looks like today there was a big push of kings and steelies through the Douglaston Salmon Run. Some big boys are in the mix. Looks like the run everyone was waiting for is coming up now. I guess better late than never. Johnny was out with Mike Redlin today down the Douglaston Salmon Run and I guess you could say…. “You should be here!”
Out at it again tomorrow, until then…

10.13.15-Out with Rob Lavigne and the MN boys today on the Douglaston Salmon Run. Fishing was ok and was getting better as the day went on. Had some major downpours and the water was coming up and getting dirty as the trip went on. Found a few steelies and a few fresh kings around. Back out tomorrow, let you know if the rains broiught more fish in…

10.12.15-For the Columbus Day Holiday, Johnny was out with Joe Foley and his buddy and it was slow. Few kings around and a few steelies. Not much going on. Weather is changing the next couple of days, hopefully that will change the fishing as well… Until tomorrow

10.11.15-Well due to a cancellation, Johnny was able to get Buster out on the water for his first Salmon Run. It was a fun day with not many fish around but Buster made the most of it…. He even hooked into a fish all on his own! Beautiful day with temps making it into the 70’s!  back out on the water with joe Foley tomorrow…. More reports to come...

10.9.15-We have been fishing in the river for the past week and working hard to get our fish. Small groups of salmon are moving through everyday but no major run as of yet, maybe tomorrow will be the day. Mostly kings and some cohos are making up the catch. No real steelhead action to speak of yet, although things seem to be starting late. hopefully soon..

10.1.15-Fishing over the past 10 days has been anything but normal for this time of year. Flip flopping from the river to the lake, trying to stay one step ahead of the fish for our clients has definitely   been challenging. The river fishing has improved over the past few days with some good runs of cohos but still waiting for our first big movement of kings. Here are some pics from the last few days.

9.21.15-Fished the Douglaston Salmon Run this morning and there were a few fish moving through but nothing major to report. Hooked a few and landed on on pink estaz flies in the mid section of the DSR. Movement was early and slowed down as the morning progressed. Headed down to the estuary this evening at the light house marina and there was a good amount of salmon jumping...Still have open dates available, call and book your trip today!

9.20.15-We're finally done with our 2015 lake season. It was not an easy year by any means. We fished hard for them everyday and did our best to put fish in the boat. Ny Fishtales would like to thank everyone who came onboard this past season and hope to see you again next year.
Now onto the river.....We still have open dates available for the upcoming salmon and steelhead season. Book your trip asap as these dates will not last long. Once again if your looking for up to the minute "honest" reports from the river please check out our Facebook page.

9.14.15-Well the winds of change have come and salmon season in the river is near. We postponed yesterday afternoon's and today's charters due to a strong west winds and big waves. Still have rain and cloudy skies but clearing and warming temps are on the way. The last few days have been slow on the lake and river. Only a couple of fish are being seen coming into the DSR and the fishing on the lake has been extremely tough. Hoping to get out on the lake tomorrow, so I should have a better report after we get out on the water. We still do have dates available this upcoming season, so if you are looking to get out on the river, give us a call. I also still have some prime dates available in our new efficiency apartment that will sleep up to 5 people. Call or e-mail me for available dates.

8.1.15-Today we had Robert Giranda and Carl Mchugh and their boys from my hometown, good ole McAdoo Pennsylvania out on the big pond. The lake conditions started off good and the fish were snapping. As the day went on the wind picked up and the seas started to build but the crew hung in there and we ended the day 5 for 10. 140 to 160 feet of water worked for us with riggers 95 to 110 down & 400 to 450 coppers loaded with Michigan stinger 8 inch chips and Atommik flys brought them to the hoop!

7.31.15-Well salmon fishing the past week has been up and down. We have been getting a mix of year classes as well. Salmon have been scattered from 100 to 500 feet of water taking spoons, cut bait and flasher fly combinations. These next 2 weeks the kings will begin to group up and it's game on! We still have some open dates available so give us a call and get in on some prime time fishing!

7.11.15 & 7.12.15-The kings are showing up in good numbers and our crew for the weekend had a fun time battling these nice silver sharks! 110 to 180 feet of water held fish down 70 to 100 feet. Riggers and dipseys with a mix of spoons and attractor / flys worked well and kept putting fish in the box all morning long. Looks like we are going to see some great fishing in July. Call now and get in on some fantastic July fishing, a great month to be out on beautiful Lake Ontario!

7.9.15-Today we had Larry Kidd & his son George out for a morning trip and they wanted to catch some brown trout and boy did they! Beautiful big quality browns kept the father-son team busy most of the morning.  Lead cores and divers took most fo the fish in the 4 to 10 color range.

6.27.15-Today we had Ray Hutmacher and his group out on the lake. The morning started off very good. The rods were firing and some nice brown trout started filling the cooler. 50 to 60 fow produced well for us. Medium to long lead cores and riggers 25 to 50 feet tipped with stingray sized spoons did the job.

6.25.15-Today we had Ray Hutmacher and his group out on the lake. The morning started off very good. The rods were firing and some nice brown trout started filling the cooler. 50 to 60 fow produced well for us. Medium to long lead cores and riggers 25 to 50 feet tipped with stingray sized spoons did the job.

6.10.15-Today we had Bud out on the lake  and by the end of the trip he was wore out! Plenty of action this morning with some nice Browns making it to the net. But the catch of the day was a huge 13 lb. walleye. Short cores with Michigan stinger uv chicken wings stole the show for us this time out. 25 to 35 fow produced the best.

6.3.15-Mike and Janet fished this morning and the browns wanted to play. There was good colored water filled with bait along the shorelines out to about 60 feet. The conditions were perfect for a brown trout massacre. Bigger fish today made it even better but unfortunately some of them got away. Later in the trip we swung out deeper to try and get into a king or two but not today.

5.30.15-Today we hit the lake with Kevin Wampler & his family. The first hour was slow but when we found them rods fired constantly the rest of the day. Kings and many, many steelhead kept the crew on their toes. A fantastic day on Lake Ontario.

5.29.15-Did a few hours of fishing this morning with Buster, Mike & John. Some nice steelhead and a couple kings made it to the hoop this trip. All the fish came between 125 & 200 fow from the surface down to 35 feet. A mix of stingers and stingrays in uv black and silver patterns worked the best.

5.22.15-Bill Conrad was on board today with his group and we had a mix of browns, steelhead and lake trout. We fished 30 to 40 fow and saw action most of the morning. Short lead cores and 10 to 15 foot riggers stretched back took multiple shots. Michigan stinger and stingray spoons got the job done!

5.17.15-Today we had decent action with a mix of kings, steelies, browns & lakers. Riggers, dipseys & cores all took their fair share of fish. Our best king bite came early then a pic the rest of the trip.

5.16.15-Tommy K and his group was onboard today's & we worked hard and scraped up a good catch. A good brown bite early then we headed out deep to finish off the trip!

5.8.15-We had Pat Vencel and his crew out for their first trip of the season. The inshore bite was slow so we headed out deeper and found brown trout, steelhead, lakers & atlantic salmon that wanted to play. The action was steady but unfortunately half of our fish never made it to the boat. Short cores, high riggers and stickbaits were firing all morning with mostly natural colors doing the damage.

5.1.15 & 5.2.15-We had Brian his boys out for 2 days of fishing. Nice weather and plenty of action summed up the trip. Find the dirty water and you'll find fish. We worked 7 to 13 fow with our best bite coming on spoons. The Buster spoon in crushed and regular uv has been on fire along with uv chicken wing, uv green glow alewife & rosemary's baby also took browns, only a few came on stick baits.

4.29.15-Today we had Mike and Janet Walter on board, and once again the fishing was lights out. Browns and some nice size lake trout were gobbling up our spoons and stick baits all day. 8 to 10 feet of water was the best for us. Short cores and shallow riggers produced well today.

4.28.15-Today Buster and I along with my good friends Ryan & Mike hit the lake and the fishing was nothing short of spectacular! Doubles, triples, on brownies, lakers with a couple atlantic salmon mixed in as well. We had some nice dirty water along the shoreline and fish were there with the feed bag on. 10 to 15 feet of water was good today with short cores and mini diver rods loaded with anything orange were firing constantly.
Back at it tomorrow, keep you posted. Also for on the updates check out our facebook  page, NY Fishtales, Inc.

4.25.15-Today was our first lake charter and it started with a bang! Many brown trout, steelhead and even a few spring kings kept us entertained all morning long. Short cores & riggers loaded with Michigan stinger spoons and stick baits off the boards got it done. Our best bite came between 12 and 20 feet of water.

4.10.15-Some fantastic spring fishing on beautiful Lake Ontario is right around the corner. Here is a few pictures from last year to get the juices flowing! Give us a call today and book your trip of a lifetime!

3.28.15-With a river filled with slush this morning we decided to wait it out and hit the river around noontime and it was the correct move. Andrew and his dad had a great afternoon of fishing. The biggest fish of the day was the last one landed, 18lbs. This male steelhead put up an awesome fight and after taking a quick picture he was released to fight another day. Mostly males today, only 2 hens, one which was spawned out. All fish came on egg sacs once again.

3.24.15-Ken can't get get enough, he is a true steelhead fishermen. We were out again today and worked very hard for 6 bites and 3 fish in the hoop. It was a mixed bag of Steelies, rainbows & browns. All fish came on egg sacs under floats in slow deep water once again.

3.19.15-Ken was back up to do a little March steelheading so we headed down to the douglaston salmon run. After the slush cleared the fish started eating. We saw a mixture of fresh and dark Steelies of average size. All fish came on egg sacs out of deep slow water.

3.16.15- Winter's grasp is loosening, but not as quickly as we'd like! Hard to believe that in a few weeks we'll have the boat in the water and fishing for spring browns, but weather here changes fast. Here's a few pictures of the ice near the salmon river lighthouse.

3.15.15-Justin and Buster getting it done on the ice ..... Steelies, pike & perch!

3.12.15- Okay folks it looks like old man winter is finally behind us. Now it's time to start thinking about spring brown trout fishing. Soon the ice on Lake Ontario will be nothing but a memory and the big boat will be out trolling the inshore waters pounding on the browns. For more information or to book charter give us a call today 315-298-3992 and get in on some fantastic fishing!

2.20.15- Today is the start of the Springfield Sportsmen's Show. Stop by the Ny Fishtales booth and check out our show specials for this years upcoming lake & river fishing season.

1.23.15- We have seen some very good fishing the past week. Late morning till mid afternoon has been the most productive time on the water for us. Egg sacs in white and blue along with a variety of jigs have been working the best. A mix of fresh and colored up steelhead with our biggest fish today tipping the scales at 17 lbs!

1.3.15- Today I fished with Dick Daggett and his grandson Noah. It was a cold and windy day but we were determined to get the young lad his first salmon river steelhead. After a few swing and misses Noah put one in the net! Midday to early afternoon we saw our best action with all fish coming on white and blue sacs one again.

11.17.14- 12.3.14- Steelhead fishing remains good in the lower river. We had a brief slow period during the fluctuations in the water flow and drop in water temperatures. Egg sacs in blue and white seem to be the go to bait this year with beads being inconsistent. Here's some pictures from the past 2 weeks.

11.3.14- 11.16.14- Steeelhead, steelhead and more steelhead is what this fall fishing season is all about. Crazy numbers of fish and very happy clients makes for a great day at work. Here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks.

10.29.14- 11.2.14- The steelhead fishing is out of this world right now.  Many big silver bullets are coming thru the douglaston salmon run and my clients are there having the time of their fishing lives battling these awesome fish. Let's hope it never stops! Due to the busy season we are having our website reports have become more periodic, but stay tuned to our facebook page for up to the minute updates!

10.19.14- 10.22.14- The past 4 days the fishing has been on fire. Big steelhead and lots of them coming on glo roe beads and white, blue & pink egg sacs. The salmon crowds are starting to thin out and the steelheaders are showing up. It should be a week of fishing coming up.

10.9.14- 10.11.14 The past 3 days the fishing started heating up. Big kings and the beginning of what looks like to be a fantastic steelhead season with increased numbers of chromers entering the river every day. Here are a few pics from the last couple trips.

10.9.14-Fishing over the course of the past two weeks has been up-and-down. There has been a few decent runs of salmon but not the major runs that we are accustomed to this time of year. Some steelhead are also starting to show up in the lower river, let's hope they keep coming. Here some pics from our last couple of trips.

9.24.14 & 9.25.14-I had the pleasure of fishing 2 days with the Thomas's from Weatherly pennsylvania. It was the first time for them on the salmon river in Pulaski ny.
The fishing has been slow so far this river season but the husband & wife team put their time in, worked hard and over the course of their trip hooked into and landed some hard fighting king salmon.

9.23.14-Well the fishing in the salmon river right now still remains slow with only a few kings, cohos and some early steelhead making their way up. Our clients are working hard and hooking into some nice fish but no major numbers of fish yet. Time will tell...

9.18.14-Well our 2014 lake season has drawn to a close. It was deffinetly one of the toughest years we have experienced in quite some time on Lake Ontario. I am fortunate to have two outstanding first mates, Jason & Mike who worked their butts off every trip to put fish in the boat. We at New York Fishtales would like to thank everyone that was onboard this past year and we look forward to seeing you again next season. Also a big shout out to Atommik & Michigan Stinger for manufacturing superior sport fishing products. Here are a few pics from last week's charters.

Now on to the river!

9.8.14 & 9.9.14-Tracy Sprague and the boys were back for 2 days of salmon smashing and the bat was well used over the course of their trip. Over 2 dozen fish hit the deck and the guys had some good battles on dipseys and long coppers. Tracy, Gene and the rest of the crew are a great bunch to fish with and can't wait to see them again next year.

9.6.14-Paul and Linda Belles were back with a new couple to do a little salmon fishing but Mother Nature had other plans. We got out early and got into a few kings but then the wind and rain came. Toughed it out as long as we could but the fish shut down with the abrupt change in weather.

9.5.14-Had a day off today so me, Buster, Andrea and kasey dog went out for a few hours this morning. We ended up 6 for 8 in under 3 hours. Green Michigan stinger flashers pulling atommik green crinkle live lime flies did the damage again this am!

9.4.14-Rick and his dad hit it just right today. It took well over a dozen bites to put 6 in the boat but you couldn't beat the fast and furious action on the big pond today. Atommik green crinkle lime live flies were unstoppable today!

9.3.14-Eric an the boys were back up this morning and the salmon started snapping. Opening up with a triple and ending with a double the guys did their part and filled the box. Riggers and dipseys were hot today,

9.2.14-Bruce Zero and his crew headed out with us this morning and they tangled with a nice mix of kings and cohos. Riggers and dipseys did all of the damage today. The new uv atommik trolling flies in the hammer and pro am patterns were on fire today!

9.1.14-This afternoon Ryan, John, Buster & myself headed out to play with a few kings. We fished a little over 4 hours and battled nearly a dozen. My little guy wore himself out fighting fish on dipseys and copper. Just to see how excited he got and the smile on his face made the trip! John and Ryan helped Buster out tremendously and I want to thank them a bunch for all that they did. Well back at it hard the next 2 weeks. Keep ya posted.

8.31.14-Today we had Warren Kolodziejski and his family aboard. There was a great morning bite followed by a slow pic and a fantastic ending to the trip. Some nice fresh kings hit the deck today and a bunch got away but thats fishing I guess. Always a fun time with this group on the boat.

AUGUST RECAP-We have been very busy the last 2 weeks. I've been out on Lake Ontario more than I have been home, and trying to keep up with daily reports on the website is difficult this time of year. However I do update our Facebook page daily from out on the water. That said, here's a bunch of the better pics from the last few weeks- with a lot of great people and great times on the water. I hope you enjoy them.

8.16.14-Well after a 4 day blow which kept us at the dock we finally got out today Tracy Martin's group and the kings were there!
Big waves and mean salmon put a hurting on the guys landing percentage but the action was good. Long coppers and dipseys produced well today.

8.10.14 & 8.11.14-Jennie Fischer was back with her boys for a 2 day trip. We switched it up between brown trout & salmon fishing. We managed some kings but the brownie bite was much better. The crew hung in there with the salmon bite being very slow and boxed a couple beauties. Always a pleasure to have this group on the boat and hope to see you back next year.

8.9.14-his morning we had Don Peiffer and his guys from chambersburg pa a board so we decided to try and capture some king salmon.  After covering a lot of water and switching many rigs the boys ended up getting a few small kings and losing 2 good ones. Tough grind on Lake Ontario today.

8.8.14- This afternoon we had Vince Fieck and his crew out on the lake. We started in brown trout water and picked up 2 big beautiful trout and some average ones as well. We slid out a little deeper later in the day to check for a king or 2 but there were no targets.

8.6.14- Mike Tingey and his buddy Kent had a fantastic day capturing monster browns and a lot of them! From beginning to end we had steady action including 2 doubles and a triple. Lure selection, speed, location and presentation is critical in catching these trophy browns right now.

8.5.14- This morning we had George Manson and his crew out on the big pond. With salmon fishing being inconsistent we decided to go after browns and the big guys wanted to play. We had a good screen and they were chewing. Coppers, riggers and dipseys all took many shots today!

8.4.14- Dave Johnson and company had a good day playing with the browns. No real big guys today but we had decent action. Riggers fired well in the early morning then dipseys an copper later in the day.

7.29.14- Pat Vencel and his buddy Tom had a fantastic day of summer brown trout fishing. Consistent action and big browns made up today's trip. Our biggest tiped the scales at 20.12 lbs. Riggers loaded with stingray sized Michigan Stingers in the mongoose and yellow killer did the most damage!

7.26.14- Today we fished with Joe Guidice and his crew and the kings were biting early. Riggers and dipseys took all the fish with big paddles loaded with atommik flys and a few on cutbait. We had a mix of kings, browns and lakers throughout the morning.

7.19.14 - 7.21.14- This is Matt Morse, aka "webdork" giving the report. I had the pleasure of fishing aboard the NY Fishtales for a three day weekend with friends John and Ryan, as well as Buster who shared his innate wisdom on all things fishing. Saturday morning was a steady pick of cookie cutter kings, with one larger specimen lost at the net due to a little too much "english" being put on the line by "Wreck it Ralph", there's a 400' copper line being towed around by this fish, and if anyone finds either the line or the fish, give Johnny a call. After the morning fishing slowed down considerably. There were a few rigger shots in the afternoon of 7/19 that had nobody home, and one decent fish on a (brand new!) 400' copper. Sunday morning the kings had spread out even more due to the south winds, we did manage a laker later in the morning but just couldn't get the kings to go. At my urging (I was on a salmon mission) we went deep looking for where the kings had gone on monday morning, and connected with one fish on a dodger/fly off of the rigger in 180 FOW. Due to my fantastic angling skill I was able to get the fish to spit the fly at the net. The inshore brown trout bite had been decent in spite of our looking offshore, and more stable winds will hopefully turn the king bite back on. When that happens, you'll be sure to hear about it here!

7.18.14- Today Robert Hildenbrand and his group were onboard and we headed out to try and capture king salmon. Rods started moving pretty quick and we had a good morning bite going on but the action slowed as the sun got higher in the sky. Ended up having a dozen bites putting half in the box. Decent fishing a nice weather and a great group of guys makes for a good day at work!

7.14.14- Mark Misiewicz and his buddy's headed out with us this morning and as soon as we got the rods set they started moving but once again the early bite was the best. The rest of the day we picked at them. Coppers were hot with only a few on dipseys and riggers.

7.12.14- Today we had Brian Kopp and his group from Syracuse ny. The morning salmon bite was good but tha action slowed toward the end of the trip. We boated 4 and lost 6 nice size kings close to the net. Coppers, dipseys and riggers all took a few shots.

7.7.14- Today we had Matthew Burns and his guys onboard. We decided to try for kings and we found them! 400 coppers, riggers from 80 to 120 and 300 dipseys loaded a mix of Michigan stinger 8 inch paddles and atommik flys. Looks like the salmon are starting to move into Mexico bay, let's hope they stick around for a while.

7.2.14- Larry Esposito and his crew from New Jersey were out with us today to do a little brown trout fishing. Once again we had to work hard, but we got them! Black & silver Michigan stingers on the riggers with 4 & 5 color cores off the boards, also mini dipseys worked well, all taking multiple shots!

6.30.14- Today we fished with Dick Daggett and his group from pennsylvania. The fish weren't jumping into the boat today, we worked hard to get a dozen bites and put 7 in the boat. A beautiful 11 lb. brown & a 14 lb. male steelhead made the day. A mix of cores and riggers took our fish today.

6.28.14- Paul & Linda Belles came back up from Bloomsburg pa. and this trip we targeted brown trout. Not long after we got all rods set we tripled to start of the morning. Busters, wigglers in green & black were firing good today. Riggers, 3,4 & 5 color lead cores all took fish!

6.25.14- Bob Brucker & his granddaughters were aboard this morning and despite non stop rain and fog all day the crew hung in there and we managed a nice box of fish. Steelhead, lakers & kings made up today's catch.

6.17.14- Tim Jock and his wife were aboard this morning and once again the morning bite was hot. Lakers, steelhead and kings kept the rods moving. Leadcores did most of the damage with only a few coming on the riggers.

6.14.14- We headed out this morning with Paul Belles and his group from pa. and what a day of fishing they had! Despite some big seas the crew hung in there and put over 20 fish on the deck. Steelhead, lake trout & a few kings made up today's catch.

6.1.14- Today we had The Clark family aboard and it was a steelhead bonanza! These fish were full of fight and their out of the water acrobatics were second to none as they tore up the surface all day long. Short cores loaded with Johnny's Buster Michigan Stingers were on fire. Also a few nice lake trout mixed in but no kings hit the deck for us today.

5.31.14- We headed out this morning with Brian Way and his group from New Jersey. The boys were into fish before all the rods were set. A nice mix of steelhead, kings, lake trout and browns was on the menu today. Stinger size spoons off short cores, riggers and dipseys kept us busy for most of the day.

5.28.14- Greg Saffares was out with us today and the morning bite was outstanding. Kings, steelhead and lake trout all wanted to play.  Lead cores and dipseys loaded with stingers and stingrays kept us busy most of the day.

5.24.14 & 5.25.14- Mike Weber and his family were in town for a 2 day charter. We worked hard both days to get our fish. The kids had a lot of fun fighting a mix of kings, steelhead, browns & lakers. A good time was had with a great friend this Memorial Day weekend aboard the fishing vessel Ny Fishtales!

5.23.14- Bill Conrad and his crew experienced just how good spring king fishing can be. Right off the bat we were into them and by 8:15 the box was filled. The riggers were firing non stop coupled with 200 coppers and short dipseys. Truly a great day to be on Lake Ontario !

5.21.14- Fished with a couple of friends this morning and the king salmon were chewing good! We had some fantastic battles while fighting these big boys on light tackle. A mix of atommik flys and Michigan stinger spoons got the job done done today!

5.17.14- Don Pfeiffer and his group from Chambersburg pa. came to do a little brown trout fishing and they picked a great day to do it. Most of our fish came between 7 & 12 feet of water. Short cores, riggers 4 to 6 feet down with long leads & stickbaits off the boards all took multiple shots today.

5.16.14-Today we fished with Casey Comstock and his group from Malone ny. The early bite never materialized so we headed out to deeper water. Rain, wind and temps in the 40's made for less than ideal conditions but the guys hung in there and were rewarded with very nice lakers and smaller kings to round out the day.

5.15.14-Bruce Zero and company were aboard today and right off the bat we were into brownies but the inshore action was short lived due to cold clear water and sun. We moved deeper and had a nice pic of steelhead, small kings and lake trout. Frostbyte and brown trout michigan stingers were hot today.

5.11.14-Today we had Jeff Sissick and his crew aboard and we decided to make a long run to the promised land and the fish were there. More browns than lake trout today and 2 kings in the mix. Michigan stinger uv chicken wings off short cores filled the boat today for the boys!

5.10.14-We had a 2 boat trip with with capt. Rich Demong today. We got a late start but the fish didn't seem to mind. Once again we saw a mix of lakers and browns with a few kings around as well. 10 feet of water was the place to be today. Black/silver & blue/silver smithwicks along with frostbyte, rosemary's baby & johnny's buster michigan  stinger spoons did well today.

5.9.14-Peter Badger and his group enjoyed a great day of fishing on Lake Ontario.  We had to make a run but it was well worth it. Constant action with a nice mix of browns and lakers. Short cores with Michigan stingers and smithwicks of the boards all were working

5.7.14-Greg Saffares and his friend Jim were aboard today to try and capture some brown trout and they were not disappointed. Riggers, lead core, flat lines and dipseys all fired multiple times. Michigan Stinger spoons did most of the damage. Johnny's buster, fat nancy's wiggler and rosemary's baby were on fire today.

5.2.14 & 5.3.14-Shamis Dixon and his crew  experienced 2 great days of inshore spring brown trout fishing. The group boated close to 50 and lost a bunch more. Thundersticks and smithwick stickbaits were hot of the boards on day 1 and on day 2 Michigan Stingers down 3 to 5 feet on riggers with long stretches off the ball and short cores of the planer boards got the job done once again.

4.29.14-Alan and Terry had a fantastic day of brown trout fishing on Lake Ontario today. Despite the gale force winds we had to deal with, the guys did great and the fish were more than cooperative. Rods were moving all day long and there were a few bigger fish in the mix today. Michigan Stinger's and stickbaits off the boards did the trick today!

4.26.14-Today was our first lake charter of 2014 with Joe Synoski and his group from pa. We dealt with some big seas to start off the trip but the brown trout cooperated and the guys had a blast. Mostly average size fish made up the catch. Michigan Stinger uv series spoons run off of shallow riggers and short lead cores got the job done!

4.24.14-Well the boat is in the water and ready for some Brown Trout fishing on the big lake!!! 
Until 9:00 PM today, 2,250 CFS
From 9:00 PM today until 11:57 PM tomorrow, Fri, 1,800 CFS
The river is going down but it is still very muddy. Headed out on a shake down cruise tomorrow (weather permitting) I’ll have a report on how it goes!!!
Until then…

4.11.14-Fishing is tough on the Salmon River right now with high (1800 c.f.s.) and muddy water. Steehead (drop back and fresh) are spread out throughout the river. It's almost time for Lake Browns and Spring kings on Lake Ontario. Boat should be in the water around 4/21/2014 but the browns are being caught with stick baits in 8 - 10 FOW! Call to book your trip today…. Looks like it’s going to be a great Lake Year!!!!

Until 8:00 PM today, 1,800 CFS
From 8:00 PM today until 11:57 PM Mon, 4,500 CFS

3.25.14-Another day of fantastic fishing for ken, many fresh hens showed up today with only a few dark males present in the run. Egg sacs were the bait of choice once again. We had beautiful weather and light fishing pressure this afternoon in the douglaston salmon run.

3.20.14-A phenomenal day of fishing on the salmon river for Bruce & Joe from pa. Non stop action all day long with a good deal of the female steelies being fresh and some nice colored up males mixed in. It's nice to see this amount of fresh fish in the lower river this time of the year, hope it continues!

3.18.14-Ken was on the river again today, after a slow start the action greatly improved. Many steelies were willing to play. Mostly average size freshies with a few dark ones mixed in

2.8.14 & 2.9.14-We did a little playin this weekend with my good friends Glen Stirling & Mike Webber. The temperature was very cold to start off so we consentrated our efforts during the warmest part of the both days and it paid off. Blue and white egg sacs and natural color beads did the damage!

2.6.14-Tracy, Gene and George came up for some winter steelheading and it was a cold one today. Most of the river had slush all day so we hit the upper part of the salmon river and it was a great afternoon bite. The boys landed some big steelies and lost some too.
Once again blue eggs got the job done!

2.4.14-Finally had a break in the weather and ken and I hit the lower river and the fish were hungry. Played with a dozen + steelies and 3 nice browns. Blue egg sacs was the bait of choice today.

1.19.14-Until 11:59 PM Mon JAN 20, 1,200 CFS

1.18.14-Now's the time to start thinking Lake Ontario Browns and Kings! Hoping to get the boat in the water early April and start charters April 18th! If you looking....Give us a call and book today! We accept all major credit cards also! We also have a few drift boats with opening for fishing on the Salmon River... Call us... We'll "Hook you up"!
Upcoming events: Springfield Sportsmen's Show February 20 - 23 2014. Mark your calendars!

1.17.14-Well the water is still up but the run-off has stopped with the cold overnight temperatures. We are getting light snow showers and the fishing is so-so. Egg sacs (Blue, white, & chartreuse) and beads are working well under the floats. Some fresh fish entering the lower end but with the high water fishing is a little tougher since they are spread out. The fishing pressure on the river is very light the past week. With the recent thaw, please use extreme caution if you are ice fishing on any of the lakes or ponds. Looks like we are in for a cold snap next week but the wind chills are not supposed to be as bad as the last time. Well I should have another report in a few days, I’ll keep you posted.
Until 11:59 PM Sat JAN 18, 1800 CFS

12.19.13-Ken was back for his last trip of 2013 and it was an awesome day on the water. Many steelhead were hooked up today, all coming on blue sacs. Mostly darker fish around with some good size mixed in.

12.5.13-Fished today with Bill Gibbons and he worked hard for the dozen bites we had today. Mostly smaller steelies again today with a mix of fresh and dark fish. Bill bounced back and forth from fly fishing and spin fishing with floats. Once a again the mid day bite was the best.

12.3.13-Well Ken did a number on the fish today. A lot of steelies came out of the deep slow edges with blue and white bags taking most of the hits. Nothing too big, mostly 5 to 8 lb.

12.2.13- Fished with Josh & Steve today and the steelies were cooperating nicely. A mix of sacs and beads did the trick with the best bite coming mid morning to early afternoon.

12.1.13- Chris DuPont was up to do    Some steelhead fishing and he picked a great day to do it. Chris played with 20 steelies landing half. Once again blue and white sacs were the hot items today.

11.26.13- Ken was back and we had a good day on the water. Lost a lot of fish after a few head shakes but also landed a bunch, later in the day the stayed attached much better. Blue and white sacs were the ticket today.

11.22.13-Ken Corvo was back up for a few hours on the river today to do alittle fly fishing. We played with a half dozen steelies landing 2. The action was slower today but ken toughed it out and persistence payed off.

11.21.13-Gary and his son Sean were on the river with me today and the steelies were snapping! The father son team saw action all day long.Blue and white egg sacs worked the best for the guys today.

11.16.13 & 11.17.13-I had a good 2 day trip with a great group of guys. Chris, Chris & Dennis caught fish both float and fly fishing. Glo roe beads and blue egg sacs got the job done for the boys.

11.15.13-Jim Thibodeau and his brother mark were out wit me today and they experienced an epic day of steelheading in the douglaston salmon run. The siblings tore the steelies up all day long. Jim was float fishing and Mark fly fishing and both of them were battling fish after fish. Amaizing day to be a steelheader!

11.14.13-Kevin McCarthy and his crew were on the river today and the boys from Boston did a number on the steelhead. Every color egg sac was working for the guys and we had action all day. Mostly average size steelhead and a few browns and rainbows made up the catch.

11.12.13-Ken was back and it was another great day in the douglaston salmon run. Many fish landed in the 6 to 8 lb. range.and a few larger steelies mixed in...
Blue egg sacs and chartreuse beads were the hot items.

11.10.13 & 11.11.13-Just got done with another great 2 day trip with Thomas from Massachusetts. Both days we had good action with some very nice steelhead making their way through the dsr. Egg sacs worked best with only a few fish coming on beads.

11.9.13-Fished today with Victor & Craig and it was another great day on the water. A lot of fish hooked but tough landing them with the high water but the guys did a great job. Pink and blue egg sacs produced the best for us.

11.6.13-I had Harold out for a half day and it was a good one.  We got into some nice steelies and Harold did everything he could to get a few of these babies to the hoop. Lost some bigger fish that got downstream of us in a hurry because of the higher water and there was no bringing them back. Pink and blue sacs produced well for us today!

11.4.13 & 11.5.13-Just finished up a 2 day trip with Jim and Sean from Connecticut. Both days there was a good amount of steelhead around & the boys did very well. Chartreuse beads and blue sacs were the ticket. The mid morning to early afternoon bite was the best for us.

11.1.13 & 11.2.13-Had a 2 day trip with Paul Priggon, Matt and Tom. The guys had their work cut of for them, high water, wind, rain & leaves, not a fly fisherman's dream. The group handled it well and they were rewarded for their efforts with some nice steelhead. Chartreuse seemed to be the color of choice for both days. A lot of fish were lost due to adverse conditions but some nice steelies and rainbows made it to the net after amaizing battles the boys won't soon forget!

10.28.13-Greg was up for his first trip of the year and what a day he had! From the first cast to the last cast Greg was into fish all day. Once again egg sacs produced the best with a few on beads. No really big steelies today, mostly average sized fish with a couple over 10lb.

10.27.13-Mike Simone was back and so were the steelhead!
We had an excellent 1/2 day of fishing. Mostly steelies with a few rainbows mixed in. Only a couple fish on beads but egg sacs did the a lot damage today!

10.23.13-Bruce Zero along with his friends Jim & Billy enjoyed fishing on one of the best days of the river season so far. Constant action for the guys with steelhead in the 5 to 12lb. range with beads working the best!

10.21.13-Back on the river with Mike Christopher and his crew and it was a simply amaizing day of steelheading. Many good size chromers came to the net today. The guys enjoyed the salmon river fishing at its finest. Beads were the hot item today.

10.18.13-Mike Simone and his group for a half day and it was great. We had a steady pick of steelies all morning. Most fish came on sacks and a few on beads.

10.17.13-Fished today with Steve Richards and it was one of those days that the bite we have been seeing in the early morning never materialized. Steve toughed it out and worked hard for a half dozen hookups.

10.16.13-Fished with Rob and Jeff ... aka ..... The Sidewinder today and the boys from Minnisota had a good day. The morning bite was the best with a decent pick the rest of the day. Beads worked well first off then egg sacks took over, always a great time fishing with these guys!

10.15.13-Well Ken was back for his first trip of the year and the steelhead paid dearly. From early morning till around 11:00 Ken pounded on the steelies. All average size fish with blue egg sacs being the main course.

10.14.13-Fished today with Melissa and Kevin Johnson. The pair enjoyed a pretty good day on the water. We had a hold of some nice size steelies today unfortunately most of them eluded the net. Switching from beads to sacs produced the best results.

10.12.13-Today we had Michael Farra his group out on the water and right away the steelhead started snapping but the trout action was short lived    But a nice pod of kings showed up and the guys had a good time playing with salmon the rest of the trip.

10.11.13-Fished with John Dube today and we ran into a mix of salmon and steelies. Not a ton of steelhead around today but enough to keep things interesting. John did well for being a first timer to the salmon river and I think he will be back.

10.10.13 p.m.-Ken Corvo came up to do alittle afternoon steelie fishing and the fish did not disappoint. A great evening very few people and a good amount of steelhead !

10.9.13 & 10.10.13 a.m.-Just finished up a 2 day with Bill Corriere and his son. The father son team enjoyed some amaizing salmon and steelhead fishing coupled with beautiful weather both days. The guys mixed it up with fly and spin fishing with floats and did well on both.

10.8.13-Steve Potochney and Scott Bennett were on the river with me today and once again the run was filled with kings. The guys landed some large salmon today up to 32 lbs. This was their first time fly fishing for these fish and they both did an awesome job.

10.7.13-Eric Wilby was back with John and Dave to hit the river and they picked a great day. Many kings made their way past us on their way upstream and the guys had a blast.

10.6.13-Fished today with Jamie Spielman and his friends Doug & Tim. The morning started off great with some big kings right off the bat and a couple steelhead. As the day progressed the fishing slowed down but this evening a large run of salmon started to reach the upper stretch of the dsr. Keep you posted on what happens tomorrow morning on NY Fishtales fan page on Facebook.

10.4.13 & 10.5.13-Just finished up a 2 day trip with Tracy Sprague and his group. The boys had some good fishing both mornings with mostly kings and a few steelhead. Our biggest salmon weighed in a 32 lbs. and the rest in the mid to upper 20 lb. range.

9.29.13-Fished today with Joe Menza and his son Mike. They had a great day filled with some amaizing battles. The father son team ended the day with over 20 hookups, bringing close to half to the net.

9.28.13-Today I had Steve & Mark out in the lower river and th first 4 fish they hooked this morning were beautiful dime bright steelhead. The guys had their hands full with these chromers landing only one. The rest of the day consisted of kings and a few cohos.

9.27.13-Fished the river today with Tod Granger and his group from Vermont. It was the first time fly fishing for the boys and they did  a great job battling these big kings this year. We had good action throughout the day with mostly chinooks and a few cohos in the mix.

9.26.13-Ken Corvo was up for his first trip today and one he will never forget. The fishing was good but the highlight of the day was Ken's monster male king salmon which he fought for over 20 minutes before the beast came to the net. The fish weighed in a hair under 37 pounds, which is the biggest king I've seen in some time.

9.25.13-Today I had Bill Gleavy on the river for the first time fishing for salmon. The morning started off good for Bill, hooking into some nice fresh kings and a coho or 2. There was a small push of fish all day and very few people around and enough fish to keep it interesting.

9.22.13-Fished today with Gean B. And we had a good first light bite, mostly kings with  a few cohos mixed in. As the day progressed the action slowed down but it was a good day with a dozen + hookups.

9.21.13-Today I had Chris DuPont on the river to try and capture a salmon on a fly. There was a small push of fish and we picked at them all day, ended up landing 3 out of about a dozen. Chris worked hard and was rewarded for his efforts.

9.21.13-Well the winds have definitely changed, we went from highs in the mid 90s earlier this week to highs in the mid 50s today with  North winds and rain.  Sun and a little warmer temperatures are predicted for the next couple of days. The reports are fish are spread out throughout the river and the DSR report some action in the upper part of the run...we had to reschedule our afternoon charter due to a small craft advisory... Johnny will be on the water tomorrow with our first river trip and back out on the lake Sunday for a double....
I have drift boat guides with available dates, and Johnny still has some dates available in October... If you still need a guide, give me a call and I will try to "hook" you up.
I plan on getting the previous lake reports up tomorrow and also having a report on how the first trip of the 2013 -2014 river season went.....Until then...

Until 11:59 PM today, Sat, 335 CFS

9.19.13-Fished the river today with Steve Richards, there was a small push of kings early morning then as the day wore on the action slowed down dramatically. We hung in there and ended up playing with a half dozen fish all of which eluded the hoop. Hopefully conditions will improve soon.

9.17.13 p.m.-Well we are out this afternoon for our last lake charter of the season with Scott & his boys from All-Pro Tree & Landscaping Service in Fulton Ny. It was a tough evening, marked only a few fish and ended up 3 for 5.

9.17.13 a.m.-On the river today with Harold Rinko and his son Doug from pa. We had a decent movement of fish today landing 3 out of a dozen or so hookups. Still waiting for a sizable push of fish to enter the lower river..... Maybe tomorrow ...,, keep you posted.

9.15.13 p.m.-We headed back out to the same area for the afternoon trip with Kenny
Hemshrot and crew. We had a good bite again but this evening they stuck good. Anothe mix with some nice fresh kings & cohos.

9.15.13 a.m.-Back on the lake today with Shamis Dixon and his group and we had good bite going on, only problem was most of the fish never made it to the net. We saw a mix of cohos and kings. 115 to 130 fow was the best wit riggers and mag dipseys taking most of the fish.

9.14.13-First river trip of the season and Bret Martell got into close to a dozen kings landing 2. There wasn't a lot of fish moving today but persistence paid off, working hard for every hookup.

9.13.13-Well the winds have definitely changed, we went from highs in the mid 90s earlier this week to highs in the mid 50s today with  North winds and rain.  Sun and a little warmer temperatures are predicted for the next couple of days. The reports are fish are spread out throughout the river and the DSR report some action in the upper part of the run...we had to reschedule our afternoon charter due to a small craft advisory... Johnny will be on the water tomorrow with our first river trip and back out on the lake Sunday for a double....
I have drift boat guides with available dates, and Johnny still has some dates available in October... If you still need a guide, give me a call and I will try to "hook" you up.
I plan on getting the previous lake reports up tomorrow and also having a report on how the first trip of the 2013 -2014 river season went.....Until then...

9.9.13-While heading  out this morning we wondered what Lake Ontario had in store for us today. Started setting rods and before they were all in they began firing. Doubles, triples, 15 hookups by 8:30, it was clear that today we could do no wrong. Warren Kopesky & his son were experiencing the best lady o has to offer. Crazy year !!

9.7.13-Well after some amaizing fishing yesterday today was a whole nother ball game. Tough conditions once again with a 4 foot .cross chop and fish that didnt want to play. We managed a half dozen bites boating 3. a very rough day at sea to say the least.

9.6.13-Well Lynn Kyle was back and the great fishing continued today. An awesome day with many doubles and a triple. Lynn has gone out with us quite a few times this season and today was the day he was waiting for, a fantastic  morning of fishing !

9.5.13-Today we were out with Mark Anderson's crew and  the kings wanted to play. Constant action all morning long and the fish stuck like glue to our atommik flys today. The action was deep today 140 to 160 fow. Deep riggers, mag dipseys & long coppers worked well.

9.2.13 p.m.-Matt Morse here with the report for 9/2 p.m. I made the trip up with my good friend Katherine McDonald to see about giving her a case of sore arms. The fishing was a little slow, but we brought four to the boat, and dropped one. Katherine landed three of the four, and would have landed all four if the last bite wasn't a double header (good problem!). In all a great afternoon on the lake with great people!

9.2.13 a.m.-Dave Johnson & crew came back to try and tie into some of Lake Ontario's big boys. We had plenty of bites this morning but unfortunately most of them got away. 65 to 80 fow was the best with riggers down 60 to 70 feet, 300 coppers and 170 to 190 dipseys were doing the trick this am.

9.1.13 p.m.-This afternoon we had Warran kolodziejski and his family out to capture some king salmon. This trip we worked very hard once again and ended the day boxing 5 and dropping a couple others. Up and down fishing seems to be the staple on Lake Ontario this year.

8.31.13 p.m & 9.1.13-Well we had a 2 day trip with Nate Lisinski and crew on the mighty O.
The group had decent fishing both days fighting close to 20 kings and landing more than half. We worked for our bites with dipsys and copper taking most of our fish.

8.31.13 a.m.-This morning we fished with Jim Raymond and his group from fort drum ny. The guys picked one of the best days so far this year for salmon. The action started early and the crew battled fish almost all day long. 100 - 115 fow is where most of the damage was done!

8.30.13 p.m.-We had Lynn & Paul Belles out for an afternoon trip and rods started moving soon as we set up. After a mid day flurry we picked at them the rest of the trip and ended up with a nice box of beautiful kings!

8.30.13 a.m.-This morning Rich Kirchock and crew were aboard with hopes of getting into a few kings.It did not take long and rods were flying and salmon were hitting the deck. We had constant action for most of the day. The pennsylvania boys went home with a lot of fish and some great memories.

8.27.13 p.m.-This afternoon we had Elissa & Joy out for their first salmon trip on Lake Ontario. And as lady luck would have it they were busy fighting kings all afternoon. It's always fun when someone who was never on the lake ties into a bunch of these freight trains like these ladies did today.... They had a blast!!!

8.27.13 a.m.-Well Lynn Kyle was back for a 2 day trip on beautiful Lake Ontario. The first day we fished in some big seas and got into a few nice kings. Day 2 was much better, nice day,calm seas and the kings were biting. Multiple hookups all morning long,
Lynn willl one more time to wrap up his lake season.

8.26.13 p.m.-We had Bruce Zero and company back onboard to do a little salmon fishing. Plenty of action this afternoon but once again most fish never made it to the net.

8.25.13 a.m.-Well our morning charter cancelled so me and Jason decided to do alittle derby fishing before the afternoon trip. We boated alot of fish but nothing big enough to enter but a good day with plenty of bites.

8.24.13-Today we had Dusty Collins and his group from Chambersburg Pennsylvania onboard. The kings were snappin only problem was keeping them on. The boys fought a bunch of fish and ended boating 5. It was a beautiful day,the guys had a good time and are looking forward to their next trip.

8.23.13-Today we had an pm trip with Robert Palsgrove and what an afternoon it was!
Kings, cohos and steelhead had no problem attaching themselves to our offerings. The best waters were 130 - 160 Riggers down 90 To 105 feet and 450 coppers did the trick today!

8.20.13-Mark Paradise and his son came up to do battle with the mighty king salmon and they deffinetly got their money's worth today. All rods were firing with consistent action throughout the trip. Michigan Stinger uv chrome chips with atommik pro am x fly's trailing behind did all the damage today !!!!

8.19.13-Lynn Kyle was back aboard today for a try at some king salmon. We had a decent bite going on coppers and dipseys but most of them came unbuttoned before they made it to the hoop. We still managed to capture some beauties for the crew today !

8.18.13 A.M.-Today we had Mike Itterly and his son out on the big pond to try and get them into their first king salmon and lady o did not disappoint. The guys fought a dozen fish landing half and walked away happy with some good memories from their father son fishing trip.

8.17.13-Today we had Mike Itterly and his son out on the big pond to try and get them into their first king salmon and lady o did not disappoint. The guys fought a dozen fish landing half and walked away happy with some good memories from their father son fishing trip.

8.16.13 P.M.- The afternoon trip we had " Squeak " and his crew aboard. It was a slow grind on this pm charter, not alot of targets, but we worked hard and managed to hoop a few nice kings for the guys.

8.16.13 A.M.- We headed out today with Paul Belles and crew to see how the fishing was after our big north west blow on the lake. The temperature was deep and so were the kings. We took fish 195 feet down on riggers and mag dipseys took a few shots.

8.12.13 P.M.- This afternoon we had Mike Voorhees  and his grandson out for the pm trip. We had a steady pic of kings throughout the day with the most action toward evening. New to the lake, Mike & Mike had a great time battling these powerful fish and took away some good memories and sore muscles as well!

8.12.13- This morning we had a 2 boat trip with Capt. Rich Nau of Praying Mantis Charters. Kevin Powers crew were aboard and what a great day of fishing the group experienced. Hooking the fish was not a problem but bringing them to the net was.  Close to 30 kings bit our flies, spoons and cut bait today and less than half hit the deck, no shortage of action on today's trip!!

8.9.13 & 8.10.13- Just finished up a 2 day trip with Jennie Fischer and her group. The first day we got into fish right away with crazy action for the first couple hours then picked at them the rest of the trip. The second morning we were greeted with huge seas and decided to wait it out till the afternoon. We had a slow pick early but things changed quickly. Coppers and riggers starting firing consistently during the last half of the day. The crew experienced some great fishing and from the sound of it they are looking forward to their next trip!

8.4.13- Fished this morning with Tristan Sobal and crew from Shamokin Pa. Big seas and strong NW winds made for a tough day fishing but the group hung in there we gave it our best shot and ended up hooking 8 and boating 3. The kings did not want to come to the hoop today. It's tough when you get a nice bunch of people going on a charter for the first time and in such tough conditions, but we gave it 100% and did our best to show them the truly awesome fishing experience Lake Ontario has to offer.

8.2.13- Today we had Dick Dagget and his crew out for an am trip. The seas were a little rough to start off but she laid down and and the fishing heated up! A dozen hookups bringing more than half to the hoop. The fish we lost were good size kings, heartbreakers getting off right behind the boat. A beautiful day, good fishing and great people sums up the trip.

7.28.13- Dave Johnson and his group were back onboard and we decided to do some brown fishing today due to the high thermocline and hard south winds. We had a decent pick going throughout the trip and some big trout hit the deck  . Dave will be back on Labor Day weekend looking to battle some of the biggest kings of this season. Can't wait!!!!

7.26.13- Well we had a play day today so we took Taylor, Andrew, Hailey, Dominick and Bryn out to try and get them into a couple king salmon.They had a blast hooking into a dozen fish and landing about half. Hopefully we can get.Them out one more time this year. Fun times!

7.15.13- Today we had an pm trip with David Coult & Eric Wilby. This afternoon we worked hard for 6 bites and boated 3 kings. Deffinetly a strange year so far on Lake Ontario, one day the fishing is on fire and the next your back to grinding them out.

7.14.13- This morning we has Tracy Sprague and his crew aboard and the kings wanted to play. Copper and riggers did the damage today with only a couple fish on the wire. The boys landed some nice salmon with only a few getting away.

7.13.13- Today we had an afternoon trip with Phil Dao and his boys. It was slow going with only a few king bites and a couple of lake trout. Up and down fishing is the best way to describe this year so far.

7.7.13 & 7.9.13- This is Matt Morse, aka "webdork" stepping out from behind my computer to give the report for July 7 and July 9. I had the pleasure to fish with Johnny both days, and as always had a great time. On Sunday we stayed inshore to fish for browns, and they did not disappoint! We had 3 browns in the boat over 10 pounds, the largest was over 13. Fish came on the riggers, dipseys and leadcore in 35-40 FOW. Tuesday we went offshore for salmon because the thermocline had begun moving down. It was a slower day, we landed a few lakers and a king after losing 4 hard-running kings that didn't want to stay buttoned- one was a monster that scorched off 500' of line before throwing the hook. If anyone finds a 40 pounder, it's mine, and I'll trade you a beer for it. The salmon were coming in 130-140 FOW, Spoons took a few more hits than the flies, riggers, dipseys and copper all took hits. I can't WAIT to make it back for more...

7.5.13- Today we had Jim Raymond and his group aboard from Fort Drum New York. Since the salmon fishing has been on the slow side for the past few days we decided to target brown trout and it was the right choice. Many browns hit the deck today with the highlight being a quadruple and all 4 of the fish made it to the net. It was a good introduction for Jim's crew on how good Lake Ontario fishing can be. They had a great time and will be back in late August to do a little salmon fishing.

6.29.13 & 6.30.13- We had Lynn Kyle and his son onboard for a 2 day outing on lady O. Day 1 we started off out deep chasing kings, found a few but the screen we had all last week just wasn't there. Day 2 we went for some brown trout early and captured some nice ones. Then we moved out deeper and hit 2 kings and a bunch of lakers on the homeward troll. Ended up with a nice mix of fish !

6.26.13- Michael Dew and his crew were onboard for this mornings charter and the salmon wanted to play. Over a dozen hookups on kings with some lakers and steelhead in the mix.
More kings are showing up each day.... Off the water until Saturday. Have another report then.....

6.24.13- We had a morning trip with Dave Johnson's crew today and we decided to check out some deeper water in search of some kings. We set down in 120 fow and headed north. The screen got better the farther we went and rods started firing. Ended up 2 for 3 on kings and a bunch of very nice lake trout.

6.19.13- Today we had a short pm charter with Richard Perkins and his crew from Clay, NY. It was a bright sunny afternoon so we decided to go and work some deeper water and search for a few kings. The first 2 hours were slow going but the last 2 hours were action packed. Ended up 1 for 2 on kings and as many lake trout as you wanted.

6.13.13 & 6.14.13- We had a 2 day trip with Paul Belles crew from Bloomsburg Pa. Day 1 was a afternoon charter that started off in the pouring rain but the browns were biting and the weather improved as the trip wore on. Day 2 was a morning charter. We left the dock a 5 am, made a long run to where we fished the previous afternoon, got all the lines set and things started happening. Our first 3 fish were huge brown trout in 12 to 15 lb. range and we continued to beat on them the rest of the trip. The majority of the fish came on Michigan Stingers off short lead cores and shallow riggers. The most productive water depths were 10 to 25 feet.

5.31.13- Fished today with jay Lapointe and company and we had a great start with rods firing good on the first pass, only problem was they wouldn't stick,we lost the first 5. But we made up for it with a few nice browns not long after. After a good start we picked a them the rest of the trip.

5.22.13- Fished today with Bill Conrad and company. We were into fish all day long and not another boat in sight. The lake was flat the weather was good and the browns were biting, can't really ask for too much more. Keep ya updated the next couple days.

5.19.13 We had Ed kulas and his group aboard for an morning charter and we decided to make a bit of a run and fish some different water. We had a decent bite going on early but it did not last long. Ended up playing with about 1/2 dozen browns. Got a busy week coming up, keep you updated.

5.18.13 Fished the lake today with Joe Caruso and his group, once again the brown trout fishing was slow. Crystal clear water along the shorelines is making it tough. We managed to get a few fish early for the boys. Worked hard again for a few fish, hopefully conditions will improve over the next couple days. Keep you posted.

5.15.13 & 5.16.13 -Just finished up a 2 day trip with the Tom Ciak crew from Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania. Day 1 was an pm trip and we were into fish before all the rods were set. The afternoon started off great but action slowed by the end of the day. The next day was a morning charter and we pick away at them the whole trip. Both days the fishing was tough in the wind and the waves but we worked very hard and ended up with some nice browns!

5.14.13-We hit the lake this am with Michelle Brown and company to do a little brown trout fishing and what a day it was. It was a chilly start this morning but the fish didn't seem to mind at all. Close to 20 fish hit the deck today with a bunch more lost. The catch was made up of mostly good size browns and a few big lakers mixed in. Good people, lots of laughs, and great fishing on lady o, what more can you ask for.